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We help business owners with children enjoy more time with their loved ones, without sacrificing business success

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We believe life as a parent is more fulfilling
when we work to live, not live to work

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We feel so lucky that running a business doesn't mean we have to miss out on creating so many special memories with our family

We're Dom & Joelle

We met on our very first day at university when we were just 18. After graduating we moved to the beautiful Cotswolds, which has been home ever since.

Extremely driven, we worked hard, enjoying a successful career in luxury hospitality management, winning several sought after awards along the way.

In the middle of this, we started a family, having 3 wonderful children in under 3 years! Yes, we're mad!

Suddenly the challenge of running a multi 7 figure business, which operated 24 hours a day came at a huge personal cost for Dom, and therefore our family.

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We would love for you to be able to achieve this too, and we know you can

There was no balance...

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Aside from being out of the house most of the time, missing special family occasions as well as the children's dinner and bath times, the business had a negative impact on the time we did manage to spend together.  

Dom was barely present when we spent time as a family. Work emails and phone calls were a constant distraction.

There were countless times we would have friends or family visiting us and Dom would have to go into work.

We knew something had to change...

We worked hard identifying what the problems were and what we needed to do to fix them.

This is when we began creating our T.E.A.M. process to achieve quality family time without sacrificing business success.

Our method is centred around business efficiency and process
improvement, whilst recognising that is only one part of a complex puzzle.

The result was we were able to create a 'balance' that works for us, and we are so glad we did!

Dom appreciates every opportunity to take the children to school, watch their activities and play with them.

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Dom is a much more present parent now and enjoys a really close relationship with each of our children.

We don't worry about looking back in years to come and wishing he hadn't missed seeing them growing up.

We are so passionate about this and our mission is to help you juggle a family and a business successfully.

We don't pretend this will happen over night, but we know it is worth it. 

Over to you. . .

Take the first steps towards a more fulfilling future

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